Conditions of all trading cards vary. All of our currently listed single cards vary in condition from mint, near mint, or lightly played. We will ensure proper vetting of each card to meet those conditions. Stock product photos will be used for all cards with a customer purchase price of $49.99 or less. If you would like to request individual pictures of the specific cards you will receive or have general questions feel free to reach out to us! 

NM = Near Mint
Cards in Near Mint (NM) condition may show minimal wear from shuffling, play or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners and unblemished edges outside of a few slight flaws. A Near Mint card may have slight edge wear or a scratch or three, but overall look nearly unplayed with no major defects.

LP = Lightly Played
Cards in Lightly Played (LP) condition may have minor border or corner wear, scuffs or scratches. There are no major defects such as grime, bends or issues with the structural integrity of the card. Noticeable imperfections are okay, but none should be too severe or at too high a volume.

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