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Ever wanted to just open up a pack and guarantee your value and more? These packs are amazing for value. Values of cards will be determined at TCG Player Pricing on your ship date! You will receive two hits that will have a combined total above $4.99! The randomized selection of cards can be plucked from base set through the current set. The cards will be primarily English variant unless Japanese is specifically notated upon checkout.

Each Custom Booster Pack Will Contain:

  • 2 (or more) Hits = GX, EX, V, VMAX, RAINBOW, Secret, Alt Art, Full Art, Black Star Promo, Gold, or Trainer Gallery. 
  • 12 standard cards = Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Reverse Holo. 

This is a beta run, we are looking for feedback. 

No Returns Accepted. Refunds may be granted under special circumstances. If you anticipate any questions use the on site chat function, or send us an email. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Customer Reviews

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More value than retail packs at the same cost!

This was a delight to open! I'm not sure if I was lucky or if they pack these on order, but I had noted I'm a fan of Hisuian Zoroark and there was a H. Zoroark VStar in my pack! My big hit was a Rainbow Chandelure VMax. For the retail cost of a PCi booster, these are absolutely worth purchasing for the thrill of knowing you're guaranteed hits across sets.

Fun to open, Great Value

Love that these packs have guaranteed hits, makes it very fun to open. Value seems quite good, both packs I got had cards worth more than what I paid.